First time users of the new NNT Forum may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the added features and what appears to be a rather complicated configuration. Most of your questions will be answered by clicking on Help in the Forum and this information should be adequate to get you started until you can experiment on your own.

New users must register!  Go to and click on Register at the top of the screen. Enter your desired username and password of at least six characters. Then, enter your email address, making sure it's a valid one at which you will receive the activation key. Enter your date of birth which is a requirement to establish that you are at least 13, but birthdays will not be revealed in your posts. Enter your gender which is required, but you can hide this from your posts. Enter the CAPTCHA to prove you're human. Agree with the Terms of Service, and click on Activate Account.

Then, check your email box for a message containing your activation number and click on Click here to activate! This will display the forum page with the Activation Key entered. Click on Activate Account.

Now, log in with your username and password and you will be advised that your account is waiting approval from a staff member. You'll be granted access to the forum just as soon as we ascertain you're human (one of the few requirements for our Forum) and you'll be notified by email when access is granted. This may take up to 24 hours because we are human, too, and some sleep is required.

Please read the rules! A few "rules of the road" are necessary so everyone gets value from this Forum. You agree to these rules when using this Forum and if you have any questions regarding them, please do not hesitate to contact the Forum Administrator, Jack Teems, at . Persistent violation of these rules may require banning you from further Forum use:

  • Never post copyrighted material on the Forum unless you own the copyright. You may refer to the material, even cite a URL where the material can be found, but quoting it, even with the copyright owner's consent, is a no-no.
  • Never post any material that can be construed as an advertisement for a product or service. Throughout the Forum you will find ads placed by the Forum's host. We hope these won't interfere with your use and navigation of the Forum, but they are required as a means for providing the Forum service to all of us without cost.
  • Under the category of Computers & Internet there are several forums. Please post only on-topic; for example, if the forum pertains to software, please do not post an inquiry regarding a printer failure. Stay on topic. If you have a post that does not appear to fit in one of the forums already assigned, contact the Forum Administrator, Jack Teems, at  and a new forum may be set up. Only computers and Internet subjects may be discussed on this Forum, except that under Forum Topics you may post messages seeking help with the use of the Forum, or experiment with how your post will appear. This category is intended to assist you in gaining familiarity with the Forum.
  • Flaming of others, profanity, obscenity, or other posts not generally in good taste are not acceptable on this Forum. If you have a personal difference with another Forum member, communicate with him/her privately.
  • If you are seeking assistance with a technical problem, please include enough information so that a solution might be provided. This would include, but is not limited to, a description of your computer, operating system, software used, browser, error messages, an indication of when the problem first occurred (e.g., "Right after I unstalled Program XYZ...") and what actions you have taken to attempt to resolve the problem.

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